610   MV:澳大利亚(Australia)前卫金属核(Progressive Metalcore)乐团 Diamond Construct 单曲《Feel The Sun》音乐视频【歌词】

Why are we all so afraid?
Of leaving this for the youth to live
We've had our chance
Sung our songs the same
Danced our last dance
You've pulled, we pushed
This is where we all fall apart
I've been listening

Feel the sun warm your skin
Vibrant light in your soul

When will we all accept death for what it really is
Misconceptions ringing our ears, we hide through our greatest fucking years

Praying that death won't knock
Pretending that death won't knock like we're not home at all

Why live our lives in fear of passing eyes?
Why do we hide from our own Mother's eyes?

(Morgan Dodson - Stories)

This is where we all fall apart, lost in transmission
I've been listening
This is where we fall apart

Feel the sun warm your skin, vibrant light
Remember why you're here and why you'll leave this world

We can extend our lives
Though we may as well be paralysed
So if we dream tonight, dream of a time we live then pass by
In the end it's right

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