1963   MV:意大利(Italy)技术/残酷死亡金属乐团 Hideous Divinity 单曲《Feeding Off the Blind》音乐视频【歌词】


Come and get the blooded flow
Glow in their eyes the sparks of the crime

Glooming of the night, the path to secrets
Glooming of a mind lost in the vortex of a wasted rotten world

I will feed off this

Eyes kept on the screen, mesmerized by the spring of the new word
The providence of the harvest to come
The beast, the beauty no longer unknown

Now I see it in my dreams
Woe is me! In a world dressed in black
As flowers die, the thorn's spilling my blood

Scream to me, so I won't understand
My eyes die, on the way to the feast

A dreamy recollection now gone - I failed!
No boundary to carry me home - You betrayed!
The language of wolves still unknown

One by one, the dreams of the weakest made flesh
Burn your eyes on the flame of the truth
Lost, on the path you will find, as I'm feeding off the blind

God is born!

Refugee in the desecrated house
Drown in the dark, word of the One that chose to feed off the blind
Revealed to me, God is born!

Word has spawn from inner void

Vacuum will spawn new breed
As you open your eye to the light, you will feed of me
As your world dies I will feed off your blind eye!

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