765   MV:美国(United States)速度/激流/黑金属( Speed/Thrash/Black Metal)乐团 Toxic Holocaust 单曲《New World Beyond》音乐视频【歌词】


Navigate on through the fallout, on a search for life
Danger follows in the daytime, we move at night
Depleted fuel, on the hunt, gonna walk alone
Take heed of whats around you
'cause you're never alone

Watch every step you take
It could be your last
Fear what's on the hunt
This night only some will live
Be aware
They come when you least expect it
Be aware of every step you take on through

It could be your last

Infiltrate, cross the wall, there is no other way
Attack before they strike us, live another day
One wins,we all lose, the game is at its end
Left with the desperate ruins, this is now the end

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