857   MV:英国(United Kingdom)另类金属/金属核(Alternative Metal / Metalcore)乐团 Bring Me The Horizon 与 Yungblud 合作单曲《Obey》音乐视频【歌词】


Another day, another post-traumatic order
Brainwashed and feeling fine
I bit off more than I could chew when I looked closer

So I stabbed a fork in my eye

Think I'm losing my fucking mind, don't know where to turn, now I'm blind
Destroy yourself, it feels so good to fade away
Why do you wanna hurt yourself? Die for something else?
Don't let your conscience get in the way

Obey, we hope you have a lovely day
Obey, you don't want us to come out and play away now, now
There's nothing to see here, it's under control, we're only gambling with your soul
Obey, whatever you do, just don't wake up and smell the corruption

Do you feel that? Yeah

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