781   MV:加拿大(Canada)旋律死亡金属(Melodic Death Metal)乐团 Kataklysm 单曲《The Black Sheep》音乐视频【歌词】

Come from blood, in every night
Let my vengeance reign the sky
Like a great feeling faded at the gutlessness of your demize 
If it bleeds, it lies; If it bleeds, it dies
I'll cut you open from the inside
Restless, and above all shameless
Dismiss the witness(?!)

Hold me down!
Push me away!
Sentence me and bury alive!
I'll never be like you
I won't conform
I'll never change!
I'm the black sheep!

(Verse 2)
Your face through the drum don't make a sound
How does it feel to be loosing your crown?
Lord of the sits(?!), you're so at the middle
Lord of the sins that you have admitted
Made for all the things that you throw at me
They're made forever! All the poison you put in my head
All the rays you __________(?) instead
All your attempts to murder my soul
Murder, murder!
Fought you off!
I'm still alive!

You never knew so wrong like that
You got the look to see me back
(But I won't go away!)
I won't fade away!
(I won't be the one in misery)
It's all a lie! Forget demise!
They wanna see me fall a lie
Let me sing for slaughter, absorb the laughter
Control all the...

In this world, you betta live for something
Or you're gonna die for nothing...


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