332   MV:美国(United States)死核(Deathcore)乐团 A Wake In Providence 单曲《I, Adversary》&《Sworn Adherent》音乐视频【歌词】


《I, Adversary》
Infernal in nature. No matter how far the fall, following gloried beast, deceit within he
Creation is false. Woven to enslave them all. Enslave them all
Shall the world become mine, embrace of wretch to whore. Living quite squalor, breeding lust from darkest of lore, until this gift exist no more
Unknown to blind, thy eyes sear with soothing light. Embedded through flame, impending is the doomed night, kept bright
《Sworn Adherent》
From a dream I have awoken, to see the world once again. It’s almost like I’ve been here before, inside of my head
In my dream we were led to believe we were all in control of our own destiny. This nightmare it beckons me so, as a sheep I can’t help but follow. Brainwashed subservience, please shepherd cleanse my sin, and lead me not into damnation
But I lay blind to a mask that holds my tainted soul. Tales of a heavenly slumber, from which there is no waking up. The dream is a lie
I can see it with my own eyes. Twisted the vultures bathe in corruption, and this tree cannot grow
This world is a hell in which I can not see. Everything is closing in. Darkness, lies, witness my sin. The illusion exist and is mine to keep. Unholy savior, bury me back to sleep
Is this to be my fate? Consuming all life left inside. Extracting what good is in my mind
Leaving only violence behind, a nightmare I will not survive
You will be the foundation paving the way for the blackened sun, that has risen to bring the end of days
And more will follow, perpetuating the same mistakes, again and again
Welcome back from the dream that never existed
If life’s so precious why do you waste it all the same? Led by the word of a man and you don’t even know his name. How can you call this existence, when you have nothing left?
You have nothing left
Constricted by the weight of the world
This dream is ending now. Fade to black, but I can’t help but go right back
From a dream, I have awoken, to see the world once again. This can’t be real, the deja vu is kicking, and it’s name is sin
So who’s the fool now? Believing in the shit. Your thoughts are not allowed, just conditioned to fit. You should be grateful, to the omnipotent. This is eternity. Get the fuck over it. Brick by brick, megalithic, my new figure of supremacy
Fall. Farther. Fall, for eternity

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