1613   MV:挪威(Norway)前卫黑/维京金属( Progressive Black/Viking Metal)乐团 Enslaved 单曲《Riitiir》音乐视频【歌词】

Your arms, life and death
Ride the chariot, the wheel of life
Underneath the eyes we pray

Seven horses running in circles until the end of days
Above the wonders of man, sailing the cosmic seas
Risen from the darkness to rule the ancient world
Never to return, the eyes will forever shine on

Omniscient, glorious - the all seeing eye
Malign, burning grace
All rise! The seeds you will bring
Sons of man, bow in awe

Omnipotent, Lumina Titan
In the havens you greeted us
Late is the hour you submerge
Endless travel towards the dawn

Hail the flames inside you, cosmic flowers in bloom
Hail the spears impaling, the servants of doom
Given are the truths, together we shall search
Unveiling the riddles, hidden beneath the stones

Left is an ancient entity
Ready to sacrifice, what we may (have) achieved
Ending a journey with no end

Defying the ones drowned in salvation
Letting the forces roam free
A circle fulfilled

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